About US

About US

Founded in June 2015, Uncoded is a volunteer organization with the aim to inspire, bring together, and ignite local tech community. We do that by identifying synergies that exist in the local tech scene, holding events and facilitating ongoing tech initiatives.

Because communication is key and because it's often difficult to get everyone together, transparency and openness are important guiding principles of how we operate. Since our inception, we have held open and public monthly board meetings;. we actively encourage participation from community. The agenda for our board meetings are open to public comment/suggestions. In addition, we've adopted policy documents tto help guide us. They are publicly available and we could use your help improving them ( by pull requests), or informally in the board slack channel ( sign-up here).

The most important thing “About Us” is YOU: our community, our volunteers, the folks that participate in the events we organize and initiatives we work on. Together, we make awesome community!

Uncoded Board Members

Shortly after our creation, we held elections for board positions. Our goal is to have annual or semi-annual elections, but we are still working to finish our charter. We actively work with other volunteers and tech professionals, to help us build and mentor community as well as enhance our structure & capabilities.

The members of our board organize events, lead initiatives, spend time figuring out geeky things to do, find venues to meet at, reach out to local tech leaders to connect with our community, and more. We value actions more than role titles and take it upon ourselves “to do”, which at it's core is what open community is all about.


Michael Evans, CPA


I am and accountant with a passion for technology. A general tinkerer, and an occasional coder.


Hector Soto


SD transplant, CISSP Specialist in Cybersecurity, and USMC Veteran. Leads initiatives to connect Tech in Long Beach area.


Mike Stewart


Entrepreneur, nerd, musician, craft-beer connoisseur with strong beliefs in the good of people and the power of ideas and community. Free software advocate.


Arthur Reeder

Linux nerd. Weekly host of Hack Night in #LBC. Open Source content creator.


Jacob Flores

Jacob is a poet, tech analyst, and artist. While always looking for new fields and mediums to learn, he finds teaching just as satisfying. With Uncoded, Jacob intends to bring workshops in science, tech, and design to the curious of Long Beach.

Posted April 7, 2015