To cultivate a passionate, sharing, and inventive local tech culture through open, inclusive engagement with our community.


We imagine a city where each aspect of the community can foster technological growth and provides an openness to share initiatives, ideas, and software freely.

Our Initiative Pillar


Engage with civic, community, business and political institutions and organizations in order to generate support for and commitment to our tech community.


Foster events, projects, and programs to help teach marketable skills. Engage with LB City Parks & Rec, LBUSD, LBCC, CSULB and other organizations in order to identify and suggests programs where we could help each other. Engage with alternative educational programs and organizations to find areas we can help one another.


Engage with local tech businesses encouraging their involvement in our programs (presenters, venues, sponsorships) and give back to business by aligning our efforts to help educate community to meet their skillset needs.

Community & Networking

Active outreach to community networks by fostering innovative tech events championed by community leaders and volunteers. Actively promote our tech community in order to help it grow and further integrate it within our whole community.

Posted April 9, 2015